Because all of our work is done on a custom basis, in order to provide you with a quote we would need to discuss the job you are interested in. Providing us with as much detail as necessary (what are you in need of, the size, what kind of wood, the finish, etc) will allow us to arrive at a quote based upon the material and labour cost.

You can provide us with as much information as you wish, or allow us to help you design and come up with what might best suit you needs, for any woodworking project.

Feel free to visit the shop in order to start the design process – or if it is more suitable, I can offer to meet you after hours.

Often the initial designing phase of either a furniture or cabinet job can be overwhelming to many. We try and offer as much advice as possible to customers, to assist in the process of coming up with something that will both suit your needs, look the way YOU want it to look, and fall within your budget if at all possible. We try and offer all clients as many options as possible.
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